Walt Disney's Merriest Songs by Disneyland Records

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Walt Disney's Merriest Songs

Thoroughly loved this album as a 4-year old until The Siamese Cat Song developed a skip. Never have liked Siamese Cats since!

I remember my mother buying

I remember my mother buying this for me at the Gulf gas station in the late 60's....I spent hours listening to these songs and taping it on my Dads reel to reel tape recorder...think I got in trouble for that.
What a wonderful thing to listen to these beloved, forgotten songs.

I remember playing this in

I remember playing this in the mid 70s. Still have it at stored my parent home. Wil have to dig it out and see if it will still play.

Still have this record from

Still have this record from when i was a child in the early 70s. Will have to dig it out and see if it still plays

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

The recording of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" is the same one used on the 1961 "Story and Songs of the Three Little Pigs" LP and the "See Hear Read" read-along book-and-audio sets. I recognize that girlish Practical Pig voice and that eerie, menacing wolf voice anywhere!

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