Q: Can I download the songs on this site?
A: No, these are from my personal collection and not meant to be distributed.

Q: Can I request a future addition?
A: Yes, I can re-prioritize the order of being added if I own the content..

Q: Can I submit content for you to add?
A: Yes, if you allow me to permanently own the source material.

Q: How often do you release new content?
A: My goal is to add new content at least once each week. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way, and I am not able to post weekly.

Q: What qualifies an album or record to be added to the site?
A: First, I need to own the album and/or record. Second, the material must have been published by Disneyland Records, Walt Disney Records, or Buena Vista Records. In certain situations I may put material up that was created for the Walt Disney Company, but released on a different label.