I Need That Record!

A short while ago I came across a mention of a new DVD being released called .

As I usually do, I checked Netflix to see if they had it, and then added it to my queue. This past week, the DVD showed up in my mailbox and I was able to watch it.

The documentary investigates the trend of record stores disappearing in today's society. Being a record collector, this film certainly hits a soft spot in my heart. I am sad to say that I am too young to have been able to participate in the glory days of record stores. Music tends to have a very important impact on peoples lives, and often brings people together. Throughout the story, you are provided very interesting perspectives, stories, and presumed facts about the music industry. The film was fairly well produced, with a clear passion for the subject.

Overall, I highly recommend you checking out this documentary if you are a fan of record stores and/or vinyl in general.

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