Optimists of Tomorrowland Get a Record that is Just a Dream Away

Disney has started a blog called "Story Orbit", where a person (Amelia) is blogging about her grandfathers involvement with the Walt Disney Company and the 64-65 World's Fair. In one of her blog posts, she talks about discovering a collection of records:


She offered to send some of these records out to followers of her blog, and a week or so later people had them start showing up!

It didn't take long until people discovered that both sides of these records (ST-3929) have hidden tracks. These records are actually double-grooved, so it is a little tricky to get the track you actually want to listen to. Amelia posted a follow-up to the records at:


I've posted the record in its entirety under the Story Teller Series section as "ST-3929 Just a Dream Away". I did edit it as The normal track and then the hidden track, for both sides... so be prepared for occasional long pauses between dialogue.

You'll notice that the records have a look and feel of an old Disneyland Records album.



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