Two Versions of the Same Story - Part 3 - Cinderella

We have yet another example of different releases under the same catalog number. Today we're looking at Cinderella

The covers of the two editions was noticeably different, unlike Robin Hood.

Version A Version B

Again, the text and readers are different. Version A was published in 1965 and Version B was published in 1977, just like Sleeping Beauty. One particularly unique difference was the way the record was kept with the book. Version B had the traditional method we usually see. Version A actually had it tucked in between two pages with words to the songs. I haven't seen this in other records in my collection, but I'll keep an eye out for it as we add more on here.

You can flip through them side-by-side:

Version A Version B

Which one do you prefer? Listen to them and let me know your thoughts!
Version A
Version B