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Robie Lester - Disneyland Records Story Reader

The D23 site has an article about Robie Lester, the story reader for many of the SEE, HEAR, and READ records.

Article snippet:
"...Robie was the Disneyland Story Reader on more than 40 read-along sets from Sleeping Beauty in 1965 to Pecos Bill in 1970. Add to that her narration, characterizations and/or singing on more than 30 LP albums and dozens of single records, and you'll discover that Robie recorded more Disney records in total than any other performer in history, before or since, many of them amounting to many millions in sales..."

Read more at the D23 Site.

Two Versions of the Same Story - Part 2 - Sleeping Beauty

The most recent post (
Two Versions of the Same Story - Robin Hood) was about how Disneyland Records had released two different versions of Robin Hood. I've now found a similar case with Sleeping Beauty (Catalog #301).

The covers of the two editions was noticeably different, unlike Robin Hood.

Version A Version B

Again, the text and readers are different. Version A was published in 1965 and Version B was published in 1977.

You can flip through them side-by-side:

Two Versions of the Same Story - Robin Hood

Last night I captured one of the records for Robin Hood (Catalog #365). I then went to scan the book in, but realized this copy was a little beat-up. I knew I had another copy in my collection, and figured that book might be in better shape for scanning. After a couple of scans, I realized that they were actually different.

Version A: Version B:

One of the first subtle differences you might see in the above covers, is that the "SEE, HEAR, and READ" are printed in different colors. Digging deeper, I realized that the text inside the books is COMPLETELY different. Listening to the record also confirmed the differences, as one has a female storyteller and the other has a male voice.

I would have expected that they would have made a new catalog number for the vast changes they made. I will certainly be keeping a close eye out for other instances of this.

You can flip through them side-by-side:

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