Two Versions of the Same Story - Robin Hood

Last night I captured one of the records for Robin Hood (Catalog #365). I then went to scan the book in, but realized this copy was a little beat-up. I knew I had another copy in my collection, and figured that book might be in better shape for scanning. After a couple of scans, I realized that they were actually different.

Version A: Version B:

One of the first subtle differences you might see in the above covers, is that the "SEE, HEAR, and READ" are printed in different colors. Digging deeper, I realized that the text inside the books is COMPLETELY different. Listening to the record also confirmed the differences, as one has a female storyteller and the other has a male voice.

I would have expected that they would have made a new catalog number for the vast changes they made. I will certainly be keeping a close eye out for other instances of this.

You can flip through them side-by-side:

Version A Version B

If you want to listen to them, you can go to:
Version A
Version B


Many of the readalongs were

Many of the readalongs were re-recorded in 1977 to replace Robie Lester or Lois Lane's single-voice interpretations of the stories with one that includes actual voice artists from the films (or people who sounded more similar to the actual voices than a British woman could)