Counting Fun by Disneyland Records

Cover (front)


One of The Very First Disney Read-Alongs I Ever Owned.

This was among the four Disney Discovery Series read-alongs I owned. It's great running through the book and hearing the audio again. Now that I'm caught up on some of the read-alongs I never owned, I wish that Colors and Shapes, Telling Time and The Seasons would be hyper-linked, and available to look through and hear on here. Anyway, thanks again for the memories.

is there another side to the tape of counting fun?

A million thank you's for posting this online. You've seriously saved one of my fondest childhood memories of listening to the Disney tapes while looking at the books. I can never thank you enough.

I do of course, have one question! Is there another side to the counting fun tape? perhaps my childhood memories are a litte vague, but I thought there was another part to it.

Cheers and thank you again for posting these!!


This is all that was on the

This is all that was on the record. It is possible that the taped version may have been slightly different. What were you thinking was missing?