Disneyland Records Reply Card

Normally these are about as useful as the subscription cards that fall out of your monthly magazines. I have only come across one of these so far, so it is unique to me. I suspect it was one of the first things to be thrown away after the purchase, or possibly even mailed into Disney for its intended purpose.

The reply card was found inside an album copyrighted 1968. So, a logical conclusion is that the card is from this time period. It makes sense since one of the questions is: "Do you have a Super 8mm home movie projector?"

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Disneyland Records Reply Card - "NO REPLY"

When I was growing up I would get these records. And there was always a reply card inside. I think the same reply card was in other Disney stuff, like an audio tape cassette. Now, I would take the time to fill out the card and send it in. But never have I ever recieved a response. I don't know much about the reply cards but why would they have a reply card and let a person wait for a response they were never going to get? Were they just a survey?