Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade by Disneyland Records

Cover (front)


I love the Main Street Electrical Parade

Hi Dave.
Thanks for posting the music from the Main Street Electrical Parade.
I have a CD version of it, but this online version sounds a bit different than the one I have.
You can really hear the 1970's jive music coming through.

Electrical Light Parade Record

I bought this very record in 1976 on my first trip to WDW. I LOVE this parade. We are going back in 2016 and I read that the parade is there again. Can't wait.

The Classic!

I too bought this on my family's first trip to Disneyland in the summer 1976, for 50 cents as a last-night souvenier, in the lobby of one of the "Space" hotels surrounding the park, and have been obsessed with it ever since--I have about 20 recorded versions of it, have recreated it note by note myself, and while working the park in the 80s heard the thing twice a night every night for 2 summers and never got tired of it! Glad to hear a nice copy of this version posted finally!

The lobby of the hotel also had the similar-looking "America On Parade" picture disc on sale and without having any idea what either of them were (just thought the picture discs LOOKED cool) I considered buying that one INSTEAD of this disc that night. I'd never heard America On Parade until I found this website today. I can't imagine how different my life would have been had I chosen differently!!!