Gummi Bears by Disneyland Records

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One Read Along That's New To Me.

I played and viewed the pages of this read-along just last night/early morning. This is another one I never had and owned, and I wish I did, but I enjoyed it. I think it would've been just as great if it were an actual Gummi Bears episode (or this could've been an adaptation of it). Once again, I'm so glad I came across this site. Gummi Bears was among the few Disney animated t.v. series to get read-alongs and I wish there were more (both more for the shows that did get the read-along treatment and read-alongs for some, certain other shows that never got it). Anyway, thanks again for preserving and providing the memories of these in some cases and/or introducing these to those listeners/viewers who never had the privilege of growing up on and collecting all in others.

One More Thing To Add.

I just realize that I think this actually is supposed to be an adaptation of (or at least a similarity to) a Gummi Bears episode/segment. Except it's called "The Sinister Sculptor". Since that really seems so, why wasn't that title also used for this read-along? I wonder, now that I think about it.