Walt Disney presents the Great Composers by Disneyland Records

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This is great! Thanks for

This is great! Thanks for playing this. All of Disney's classical albums were fantastic!

Great Composers

I had this album when I was a child. Listening to it again took me back to my seven-year-old self. It is amazing how much of it I remembered. Thank you Dave!

An old favorite

I listened to this over and over when I was a child -- it was my introduction to classical music. I wish it were available on CD to share with my children, but it's lovely to hear it again here.

Kudos to WDR for "The Great Composers"

Before there was Sony "Classics for Kids", there was this album. And, a fabulous introduction to concert music it is. They should re-release it. For me it was a treat to visit Esterhazy Palace, where Haydn's "Farewell Symphony" was performed. I knew how it was performed, from this exquisite recording.

I wouldn't mind if they made more like it, about other great composers. How about Vivaldi, Handel, Schubert, Verdi, McDowell, Debussy, Vaughan Williams and Copland for "The Great Composers II"?

Like going back in time

I was given this album when I was a 6 year old and have never forgotten how very much I loved it. I played it over and over and still love the pieces featured on it., I know the chance is slim but I am hoping to get a copy for my grandchildren. Does anyone know of something like it?