Happy Birthday and Songs for Every Holiday by Disneyland Records

Cover (front)


soooo happy to find this.

soooo happy to find this. thank you so much! i grew up with this record!


Im sitting here in tears this was when the holidays was fun and humbling you had no worries in the world we played outside in the fall leaves and snow and the smell of cake baking when you walked back in the house moma telling you go wash yo hand and get in the tub lol


Love this record!!!!! The Liberty Song is AWESOME! What a climax!!!!

Looking for this for years

The songs have been playing in my head forever but never knew title or anything since I was like 6 and my mom doesn't remember. So happy i found it today finally. Wish it was on MP3.

I found it

Have been searching for the truck or treat song on this record for years stumbled upon this record in a record store the other day it's actually a misprinted copy so may be worth some money but was so glad to have found it I listened to this record all the time when. I was a kid