Just Grandma and Me by Disneyland Records

Cover (front)


wow... I thought this was

wow... I thought this was gone forever, thanks so much for posting!

Suddenly 5 years old again

Incredible. Took me straight back to 1986.

The song at the end is brilliant!

Just Grandma and Me

When my daughter was born 31 years ago my mum was so thrilled to become a grandma. As my daughter became more interested in listening to stories I purchased Just Grandma and me. Mum and my daughter loved it. I eventually gave it away as she was f growing up and didn't seem to like little books any more. The thing is my mum still says ahe wishes we still had it. Is there anywhere I can get it with the audio with it. Back then it was a vinyl record. Please let me know.
Many Thanks Dawn

Best bet is eBay

Dawn - I would suggest you look on eBay for a copy. It appears there are CD and computer versions available on there.

Thankyou very much!

Thankyou very much!

Loved it and now my son does

Loved it and now my son does wish we could buy it off itunes

That's great! Happy to find

That's great! Happy to find it here!

Yay, i have been looking for this for a while

So glad to have stumbled across this. reminds me of my childhood and i am so pleased that i can now share it worth my daughter. thank you