Peter and the Wolf - The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Disneyland Records

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I thought I was crazy!

When i heard the wolf's theme, for some reason i thought of christmas. Yea, wierd... Then as it went on, i got the picture of a redhead in a coonskin hat. HUH?? Then i remembered! That's the theme that they use for Scutt Farkus in the movie, A Christmas Story! That is soo cool that I recognized the music, I didnt even know It was part of a whole big piece. Thanks for all the records, they are awesome!

For me, this is the

For me, this is the definitive record version of Prokofiev's piece. Sterling Holloway has such an amazing voice for narration. How come it doesn't just sound like Pooh is telling the story? Talent...

Close runners-up for the title are:
1) the version of Peter and the Wolf narrated by Wierd Al Yankovic and orchestrated by Wendy Carlos (Switched-On Bach) on a variety of synthesizers
2) the version narrated by David Bowie

Peter & The Wolf narrated by Sterling Holloway

As a 67 year old vinyl music buff, I always look for rare lp's, especially at thrift stores like Goodwill. As I was perusing the crates of albums at my local (Southern Vermont) thrift shop, I came across a copy of Prokofieff's Peter & The Wolf narrated by Sterling Holloway (the voice of Winnie The Pooh for those so much younger than me).

Now, I know what you're thinking - "It ain't exactly Rock 'n Roll, nor could it be described as truly classical," & you're right, BUT:

When I was a kid & got my first record player in the mid-fifties, the first record I was given was THIS VERSION! Granted it was on a 2-sided 78 RPM, but I loved it. I played it over & over & over, and kept it in my collection until it broke in half in the mid-sixties.

THIS VERSION OF THE RECORDING OPENED MY EYES TO CLASSICAL MUSIC & HOW "UNSTUFFY" IT COULD BE! I brought it home yesterday, cleaned it up, & have now listened to it at least five times, & it's every bit as good as I remembered it! I CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH MY KIDS (now 35 & 36).

If you either remember this from your childhood or have kids or grandchildren and can find a copy (even if it's on CD or streaming) I urge you to get it. It is, in my opinion, the definitive version of Prokofieff's Peter & The Wolf, & a great family listen.

Now, if I can just find a version of "Rusty in Orchestraville...."