The Poky Little Puppy by Disneyland Records

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where is the song "Where in

where is the song "Where in the world is that pokey little puppy--where in the world is he?"

Please help me find the

Please help me find the Original Poky Little Puppy song. It starts Where Oh where is that poky little puppy? Where in the world is he?

Poky little puppy song.

The Poky Little Puppy song was originally on Little Golden Records, back around 1950. I had a copy, yellow vinyl with the puppy on the label, 78 rpm. I can't remember what was on the other side. It wasn't a Buena Vista production, and Disney didn't own it until they bought the whole Little Golden Record catalogue in the '70s.

Yes, Gene, I too had the same

Yes, Gene, I too had the same 78rpm yellow vinyl of Poky, played it til it totally wore out back around 1952. I remember in the middle of the song a back-up group of singers shouted "Haste Makes Waste". The main singer was a male singer-maybe Woody Guthrie? I played it on my wind-up player that had a stylus assembly that felt like it weighed 2 pounds.

More Memories.

I had a non-audio version of this book years ago, among some of the other non-audio Little Golden Books I owned. So I never had nor heard the read-along version of this, nor did I know that this one existed as well. I just played and listened to this for the first time, and enjoyed it. Thanks for adding this on here.

Poky Little Puppy

Yes, I too had the 78yellow vinyl with the wind-up player. I distinctly remember the name of the main vocalist was indeed Woody Guthrie. And yes, the stylus assembly was super heavy-I remember it as a large round piece of metal with a needle on it..played this one until all I could hear were the scratches.


Golden Books actually reissued this recently as a "Little Golden Book and Vinyl Record" set, utilizing the exact same recording. The book cover and record label say that it has the 1950s Golden Records soundtrack, with Mitch Miller's music, but that was a mistake they made.