Walt Disney Presents The Story of Black Beauty by Disneyland Records

Cover (front)


Black Beauty LP

Wow...I've been looking for this for a LONG TIME, under the assumption that it was an animated film. So of course the search was pretty fruitless until today when I finally looked it up on Wikipedia, and then came here.

It must have been in print for a while, or my mother got a hold of it secondhand as I was born in 1969, three years after it came out. It was one of my favorite records when I was little, but my favorite thing about it was the cover. I wish I could find the original and buy it.

Sadly, my record has long since been given to Goodwill or sold at a charity auction, but being able to listen to it here is a real treat.

Black Beauty

I am SO EXCITED to see this album on here!!! Thank you so much! Listening to this story is a favorite memory from childhood. My mom still has the album but being able to listen to it here, and share it with my little girls, is priceless. I was born in 1968 and listened to several of the Disneyland albums while growing up. Great memories! Thanks again, this is a real gift!

Black Beauty LP

I still have this LP and would love to sell it to someone who would cherish it. Whatever you can afford works for me!