Walt Disney's It's a Small World by Disneyland Records

Cover (front)


It's a Small World

Wow! You just brought back a flood of wonderful memories. I used to have this record as a kid and listened to it more than often. I forgot how much I loved hearing/reading-along with this album. Thank you for making this available!

Small World

I have an alternate version of this album I got as a kid in the 60's. Cover is filled with rows of children from all over the world in a grid pattern. You may already have this, but I will look for it and take a picture for ya.
I remember it having songs from many countries sung by the Disneyland Boys Choir, if I remember correctly. Thanks for the fantastic collection!

Rick - I do have that version

Rick - I do have that version as well, but haven't captured it yet! I'll have to get to that one of these days.