ABC by Disneyland Records

Cover (front)


Search For Pics of Pages From The Disney Discovery Series.

I've been searching for some time not only the covers of the Disney Discovery Series read-alongs books, but its contents as well. I didn't even know that there were actually ten of them until I did a Google search and I only had four (ABCs, Counting Fun, Things That Go and People At Work) collected. I've been going mad for a while trying to search for pics of their contents and I never thought I'd find any more than the little I did find on another site, but now I did and I'm so glad. I've been feeling nostalgic for the longest wanting to look through these again and this site makes up for it (as well as the others within the same series that I never had/owned, so there new to me and now I can go through the others in the series, and other Disney read-alongs I also never had/owned for the first time), Since I no longer had them. The only ones left in the Discovery Series I haven't seen yet and hope someone submits soon are Colors and Shapes, Telling Time & The Seasons. I have others to catch up on, thanks for this site.