The All New Mickey Mouse Club by Disneyland Records

Cover (front)


A great resource!

Hearing this is lighting a fire under me to get my own album transferred to a digital format! I haven't had a turntable to listen to mine in about 10 years and miss it. Also, I love all the storybook records you've uploaded. I can't tell you how many times I listened to Sleeping Beauty growing up. Thanks for sharing!


Takes me back to being 5 years old. I haven't heard it since the 70's and I'm surprised to know that I still remember all the words.

Blast from the past

Wow, I haven't heard this album since probably 1980 or so... and I still remember it so clearly. I listened to this so many times as a kid. I can still sing most of the lyrics and remember all of the little sound effects. What a treat to hear this.

Thanks For The Memories

I can remember when I had my copy of this album. I went as far as becoming an honorary member of the Mickey Mouse Club. Thus really takes me back to many fond memories. Besides, I had a crush on Lisa Welchel, Kelly Parsons, and Allison Font. What can I say...I was a young teen boy.