Walt Disney Presents The Jungle Book by Disneyland Records

Cover (front)


Bare Necessities

Who were the people singing the Bare Necessities?

Among The Disney Read-Alongs I Had/Owned.

I had and owned this read-along, except it was from the '90s edition of these, the cover featured Mowgli on Baloo's belly as the latter floats across the river and the audio format was a cassette. Unfortunately, after bringing it to school and returning home with it one day, it got rainy in the afternoon and the book was drenched, and damaged by rain water, so I had to throw it away. But thanks for bringing back memories of this.

i am so glad i found this ! i

i am so glad i found this ! i needed it for my pre k class!

Different version of the same book

I have the same version of this books with the same illustrations and completely different text. Is there anyway to find the version that I have? I believe that I purchased my version some time in the late 80s or early 90s.

Different Versions

I've actually seen that a few times. You can find a comparison I did HERE. Sometimes the differences are more obvious than the others. They labeled them as being the same catalog number, so it makes it challenging to pick out without looking closely. Sometimes the graphic had a slightly different coloring to it, or there was a slightly different location of some text.