Walt Disney's Story of Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet by Disneyland Records

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Thank You

Thank You, thank you, thank you!!!! I had completely forgotten about this storybook that I used to have. What great memories!

Wow! Thank you!

I never thought I would see this again. I have looked for it for years. It was my favorite story as a child.

Johnny Fedora & Alice Blue Bonnet

I have this book, and a few more....

I Can't Believe It!

I have always remembered this story and occasionally sing this song to my daughter. I can't believe we stumbled across this site and this book tonight! THANK YOU for making our night! :) I'd love to buy one now...

I have this still in the

I have this still in the original wrapper; it has never been opened. It has a Holman's price sticker on it: 88 cents.
I wonder if it has any monetary value.

eBay is your best bet (these

eBay is your best bet (these days) for determining a value. Remember that someone on there may be ASKING a certain price, but that doesn't mean someone will pay it. I'd guess it would be in a $10-15 range.