Optimists of Tomorrowland Get a Record that is Just a Dream Away

Disney has started a blog called "Story Orbit", where a person (Amelia) is blogging about her grandfathers involvement with the Walt Disney Company and the 64-65 World's Fair. In one of her blog posts, she talks about discovering a collection of records:


She offered to send some of these records out to followers of her blog, and a week or so later people had them start showing up!

It didn't take long until people discovered that both sides of these records (ST-3929) have hidden tracks. These records are actually double-grooved, so it is a little tricky to get the track you actually want to listen to. Amelia posted a follow-up to the records at:


I've posted the record in its entirety under the Story Teller Series section as "ST-3929 Just a Dream Away". I did edit it as The normal track and then the hidden track, for both sides... so be prepared for occasional long pauses between dialogue.

You'll notice that the records have a look and feel of an old Disneyland Records album.


Sounds Delightful-An Illustrated Audio Adventure by Stacia Martin

The official D23 Expo description:

Join Disney artist and historian Stacia Martin for an entertaining trip across
the decades via vintage Disney Vinyl Recordings from her extensive personal
collection. You'll hear forgotten favorites from the family turntable of yesteryear,
along with rare promotional and production tracks... including never-beforeheard musical moments from Walt Disney's own 'journey down the Yellow Brick

Secrets of the Lost Chords by Randy Thornton

Last weekend, Disney's D23 hosted another D23 Expo. One of the many talks was hosted by the acclaimed Disney Records and historian, Randy Thornton!

The official D23 Expo description:

"Grammy Award®-winning producer and resident Disney music historian
Randy Thornton reveals some of the secrets behind Disney’s Lost Chords.
Go on a musical journey as Randy tells the inside stories of songs written for
classic Disney films by legendary Disney composers (such as the Sherman
Brothers) that were essentially lost for decades—until now."

New audio player! No more buffering errors!

There have been a variety of complaints about audio not playing on the site, and just saying "buffering". This has happened from time-to-time when Adobe releases a Flash update that has a bug causing this kind of problem. The most recent time this happened, it ha taken even longer than usual to fix it.

In an effort to get things back to a reliable state, went hunting for a new player. Several other players are plagued by this bug, but I have found one that seems to be working properly.

Thanks for your patience while dealing with these bugs! Keep on listening!

Halloween Vinyl

It is that time of the year again... Halloween! Here are some spooky vinyls to celebrate the day:

DIY Analog Vinyl Sampling?

Today we have a creative, yet odd, use of vinyl. A designer is using a laser cutter to essentially splice together records!?

Designer and generative photographer Ishac Bertran‘s latest project is taking sampling in bold, painstaking new directions. With a nod to the analog days of yore, when sampling music meant having to physically cut and paste audio tape together, Bertran’s decided to transfer that technique to an even older music technology: vinyl records. How? Well, by quite simply cutting pieces out and refitting them into different records. Nothing to it. And after some trial and error (and burnt vinyl), he found the best technique for doing this was with a lazer cutter.

Vinyl Making A Come Back?

Mashable is now reporting :

"Vinyl record sales have increased 55% this year in the UK, demonstrating that the legacy technology still has a niche in the market."

The article points at nostalgia as being a contributing factor. Surely all of you can relate!?

Disneyland Record Logo Returns

According to Blog Tracks, of Mouse Tracks:

"The big news among Disney record lovers is that Disney and Intrada have launched a co-branded CD (NOT download) line -- with the classic Disneyland Records label logo."

I think it is great that they are bring the logo back! I'm sure plenty of us are nostalgic about the logo alone.

Are You the Life of the Party?

In the past, I have found albums with the same catalog number, but different content. Today, I give an example of a pair of albums which have the same name and content, but different covers and

BV-1303 WDL-3001

At the very least, the covers seem to imply different target audiences. Which do you think is better?

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